Hotel de France

Hotel de France


The Parker Family


St Helier, Jersey





Independently owned by the Parker Family, the impressive Hotel de France is located above the beautiful seaside town of St Helier on the island of Jersey.  Since the family acquired the hotel in 1971 it has undergone several major changes, including the addition of an extensive new wing housing the 17,000sq ft Ayush Wellness Spa and beautiful landscaped gardens. Epicurean was brought in to create an inspiring destination bar concept in the original building and a new all-day restaurant with an extended footprint to overlook the gardens and seaside beyond.


The Golden Room bar concept is housed within a stunning double-height space in the original belle-epoque style hotel. Using archived written descriptions of the historical Maison Saint Louis Observatory, that once neighboured the building, Epicurean re-imagined what the room could have looked like with a contemporary update and grand colour scheme for impact. 

Described as “simple in its interior arrangement, well-lit from above, and supporting a gallery for habitation by a library, photographic laboratory and to house wind instruments and recorders”, we proposed a PDR mezzanine lined with cabinets of collections above a focal bar and eclectic lounge space. Golden wallpaper developed with de Gourney reference the original name of the room, whilst floral interpretations link to the surrounding gardens that date back to the 1850’s. 

The all-day restaurant has been relocated to a newly formed room including a biossun extension between the original building and spa. Introducing a new public entrance,  the new location highlights the incredible views towards the beach and sunsets. Inspiration was sought from the history of the gardens. Originally known as La Fregonniere, the plot of land was once lush green gardens and a cider apple orchard. 

A striped cream and yellow ceiling references the sun’s rays and beach days, to contemporise the interior design which has an eclectic English garden aesthetic. Using rough cut timber, teal stained oak, metal ironwork, eclectic furniture and French light fixtures, we combine FF&E influences from Jersey’s two mainland neighbours.


Epicurean’s concept design now awaits implementation once planning permission is granted. In the meantime, the food concept is in development to align itself with the new design, including inventive cocktails for the Golden Room Bar and flavours from local producers and suppliers being cooked up in the restaurant. Jersey’s renowned produce will feature heavily to provide an authentic experience.


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